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Use as an Ice sculpture again and again!

If you are careful of the way you cut your mold… you can use the one side as an ice sculpture… MANY TIMES!  It is a great way to decorate your bar, table, food, etc.

Also, keep in mind, that you can use the two halves for decorative sculptures after you use the mold for the luge. Simply fill the remainig halves with water (and food coloring if desired) and place it back in the freezer. Some companies sell this simple 1/2 molds for $20. With us you get and ice luge and 2 reusable ice sculpture molds for $25.

new years ice luge side 300x225 Reuse your Ice Luge Mold   Done with drinkin... Just display over and over...


June 4, 2009

Ice Luge Product Arrival! woo hoo “Ice Luge”

Author: Greg Albright

We know some of you have been waiting since the conception of this product!! And now the wait is over… expect your pre-orders to arrive soon.  

3298 1135759227384 1029434864 30397289 5536929 n 150x150 Ice Luge Product Arrival!  woo hoo Ice Luge


The wait has seemed so long to us… but each detail is important to us.  We don’t want our products to come out as anything less than fun and easy… and fabulous!


Enjoy!!3298 1135758187358 1029434864 30397287 1467870 n 150x150 Ice Luge Product Arrival!  woo hoo Ice Luge


February 1, 2009

Ice Man

Author: Greg Albright

ice man 200x300 Ice Man

Our first Luge… coming soon!

Buy One! Pre-orders available