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Use as an Ice sculpture again and again!

If you are careful of the way you cut your mold… you can use the one side as an ice sculpture… MANY TIMES!  It is a great way to decorate your bar, table, food, etc.

Also, keep in mind, that you can use the two halves for decorative sculptures after you use the mold for the luge. Simply fill the remainig halves with water (and food coloring if desired) and place it back in the freezer. Some companies sell this simple 1/2 molds for $20. With us you get and ice luge and 2 reusable ice sculpture molds for $25.

new years ice luge side 300x225 Reuse your Ice Luge Mold   Done with drinkin... Just display over and over...


November 25, 2009

New Year’s Party Ice Luge 2010 - Discount!

Author: Greg Albright

Here is a chance to order your 2010 Ice Luge !

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner… and the crazy holiday season has set in!

20% off any product ordered !!!


Sale CODE: Lugez20

2010 ice luge 1 224x300 New Years Party Ice Luge 2010    Discount!


November 2, 2009

How to Make and How to Use a Lugez Ice Luge

Author: Greg Albright

flash2 full 300x225 How to Make and How to Use a Lugez Ice Luge

Check out our article “How to Make and Use a Lugez Ice Luge”

Does that sound EASY or what!!!?

picture 8 300x130 How to Make and How to Use a Lugez Ice Luge

picture 6 178x300 How to Make and How to Use a Lugez Ice Luge


Your friday night is calling out to you!!!! Get ready today for a kickin party this weekend… don’t forget your Ice Luge!

You fill your luge in 2 steps.  You can fill it in as many “layers” as you want or need to achieve the outcome you desire.  If you are adding food coloring to only the front of the luge, do that that first, you may want to think further ahead a few days if you are gonna get C-R-A-Z-Y  with it!

dsc 0401 2 300x199 48 hrs till Friday.. fill your Ice Luge and put it in the Freezer!


August 12, 2009

Ice Luge - Ice Sculpture - Party Luge - INSTRUCTIONS

Author: Greg Albright

Our Ice Luges are pretty simple and we have tried to make them as user friendly as possible.  

There are just a few things to keep in mind when creating your Ice Luge Masterpiece.  

Follow these instructions for a flawless experience!


1.  FILLING- Remember, your ice luge is frozen in 2 steps over 48hours

      a. Fill halfway and freeze for 24hours

      b. Fill to the top with COLD WATER and freeze for another 24hours

           If you use warm water it will crack


2. DE-MOLDING - Ice is very sensitive and cracks easily when leaving a freeze.  So when removing your ice luge sculpture from the mold, follow the directions carefully.

       a. Gently removed luge from freezer.  

       b.  Allow the mold to acclimate outside of freezer for 10-15mins.

       c.  Using a utility knife and/or scissors, cut along seam of mold.  Gently peel away.

       d.  Clean up or buff up any rough spots or residue with a damp towel.

       e.  Straighten the aluminum at the end of mold, and pull the aluminum wire using the handle or pliers.

       f.  Pull tubing out.  Pull from both ends to loosen if needed.

   Place back into freezer, gently, if you will not be using immediately.



   a. Place luge on a tray.  Dark colors look the best.  

   b. Turn on LED Lights and slide under the luge.



Place a towel under the tray to reduce a watery mess.

Use cold liquids to preserve the luge as long as possible.  


July 16, 2009

Ice Luge Tips - Making and Filling Your New Ice Luge

Author: Greg Albright

It takes 2 DAYS / 48hours to fill your luge!

Filling the Lugez Ice Luge is done in 2 parts:

1. Fill to linear halfway line and freeze overnight

2. The next day, let your half frozen luge sit out for a few minutes before filling the remaining half and freezing for another night.


Keep in mind if you are doing any special dyes or additives during these seperate stages…

Photos of these steps coming soon! 

Keep throwing us your feedback… and HAVE FUN!