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April 29, 2009

Magic Water

Author: Greg Albright

Ever been to ?  We highly recommend it if you haven’t yet!

They had a fun article on Magic Water with “5 Scientific Ways to Make Water Do Magic

Since we LOVE water here at Lugez and are so thankful for this essence of life… we wanted to post

one of the magic tricks!




“This one happens with the help of the only liquid in the known universe with more magical properties than water: whiskey. Pour a shot glass full of whiskey, and another full of water. Slap a playing card over the water, and turn it over on top of the whiskey, like so.

whiskey2 Magic Water

Pull the card aside slightly, and the water and whiskey, instead of mixing, will neatly switch places:This does require some patience though, since the whole thing can take 10 minutes or more.

whiskey3 Magic Water

It works because whiskey is 40 percent alcohol, which is less dense than water. When the water glass is inverted and the card is moved to allow a tiny gap, the water trickles through, unseen. The whiskey, being lighter, is forced out of the lower glass into the upper. Scientists compare it to the jocks kicking the nerds out of the dorm in Revenge of the Nerds.”


For the rest of their other magical water tricks including crazy stuff like making your own snow on a freezing cold winter day….

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article




April 27, 2009

Absolutely Fabulous Martini … Darling

Author: Greg Albright

ab fab Absolutely Fabulous Martini ... Darling

I could not post about a martini called “Absolutely Fabulous” without thinking about the Ab Fab ladies!

If you are looking for some good laughs, check out some Ab Fab videos from the library or go to their website.


Now onto our Fabulous martini:


1.25 oz Absolut Citron Vodka

1.25 oz Absolut Kurant Vodka

   1 lemon twist for garnish (or use lemon in your mold)

Stir and poor slowly through luge into a lemon garnished martini glass!  How sophistocated… darling.



absolutely fabulous Absolutely Fabulous Martini ... Darling


April 22, 2009

Lemon Garnished Ice

Author: Greg Albright

Most drinks and liquors that you will be using in your luge will be delightful with a hint of lemon.


You just can’t go wrong with lemon!  It is so refreshing and gives thoughts of cooling off with a drink on a hot summers night.  


Slice your lemons into thin half slices or thin quarter slices. 

To have them disbursed throughout the mold, you will have to add some in partial filled luge, then freeze that, add more and freeze, add more and freeze.  So they are not all at the bottom…

Or you can let them all be at the bottom and it would look really cool that way too!


Another way to add some light lemon flavor is to shave some zest into water and lightly boil that water to infuse it.   SUPER REFRESHING!

800px lemon 150x150 Lemon Garnished Ice


April 22, 2009

Crisp Clear Ice

Author: Greg Albright

Your luge is gonna look gorgeous with crystal clear ice!

 If you freeze the water in your Lugez mold straight from the tap, it is likely going to look cloudy rather than clear.  The luge is going to work and look amazing either way, but if you want to add some ingredients like fruit or confetti, you might like to have clear ice to be able to see thru it better.

We wanted to try different ways to have our ice come out clear.  We have had mixed results from these ideas… but are going to try them all again and take photos when the luges are all available.  





1. Preferably start with filtered water as it will be even more clear

Boil enough water to fill your Lugez Ice Luge, differs with each mold.

2. Boil the water, then let it cool

3. Boil the water AGAIN


When you let it cool a little bit and poor it into your mold, it will now be clear after freezing!



We have realized that by just using distilled or purified bottle water, you can eliminate 

ALOT of the cloudiness.   The reason is by reducing the extra minerals found in tap water by travelling thru the pipes



You can carefully add your other ingredients to the water if you are going for a color or fruity look.

Have you tried these ideas?  What were your results?   We love your feedback and are always willing to reward you for working with us on this Lugez journey!  

ice Crisp Clear Ice

photo from metacafe


April 20, 2009

Party Like it’s 2010

Author: Greg Albright

This Luge is going to be SO FUN!

I normally don’t look forward to the time passing too fast, but I cannot wait to use this on New Years Eve!flash10

Hopefully their will be some awesome rockin parties and maybe even a Lugez Party… 

This Luge will be a fun one to experiment with different food colorings or ingredients while freezing.

Get Creative, the options are endless!!! 


Look for the 2010 mold to be available for purchase in the next 60-90 days.


April 20, 2009

Very Tricky…

Author: Greg Albright

This is a fun trick to do with your friends!

Freeze a Beer Instantly

or atleast that is what they think!  :)


1. Take a bottle of beer (preferably glass)


2. Place upright in your freezer for 3 hours

(making sure it doesnt get shakin in the freezer)


3. Take it out of the freezer and when you want it to freeze, 

Tap it on a hard surface like the table.  It will begin to crystallize and eventually freeze!


Have Fun!

ps… this does not harm the drink… so don’t worry about wasting it.


April 15, 2009

Your vodka is patiently awaiting a luge?

Author: Greg Albright

Poor vodka… just sitting around… don’t leave it in the cupboard!

vodka msn 225x300 Your vodka is patiently awaiting a luge?


Here are 10 uses for your lonely vodka:




Treat Poison Ivy 

For many, one of the hazards of enjoying the great outdoors is an encounter with poison ivy, oak or sumac. It can lead to a nasty, long-lasting rash. Unfortunately, the poison ivy is spreading thanks to global warming.

To avoid the uncomfortable reaction, immediately pour vodka on skin that has come into contact with poison ivy, and the alcohol will wash away the itchy culprit, urushiol oil. Some have said that the vodka needs to be at least 100 proof to work.

Others have argued that straight rubbing alcohol works better, but we’re guessing you may not have that as handy if you are on your average picnic.




Freshen Laundry 

The only people I know who like doing laundry have OCD. If you find the task calming, that’s great. But the rest of us would prefer to wear clothes as much as possible without having to count quarters or lug baskets up and down stairs.

You can keep your clothes smelling fresher with vodka — really! Simply spritz your duds with the stuff, then hang to dry in a well-ventilated area. (Do a spot-test first to be safe.)

Vodka kills odor-causing bacteria, but doesn’t leave a scent when dry.




Shine Your Fixtures 

It’s easy to get your chrome, glass and porcelain fixtures shining like the top of the Chrysler Building. Guess what does the trick?

Moisten a soft, clean cloth with vodka, then apply a little elbow grease.




Preserve Flowers 

If vodka can help you find love, then it can also help you preserve it — or at least the symbols of it.

Add a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to the water in your flower vase. It should help keep your flowers fresh longer. Change out the mixture with fresh ingredients daily.




Repel Insects 

Unless you are intent on proving how hard-core you are, or you have a bizarre fetish, you probably don’t enjoy getting feasted on by insects. But you’ve read media reports questioning the safety of DEET-based repellents, and you are pretty sure you don’t want to take the risk of spraying yourself in the face with poisonous bug killers.

Who knew that vodka can kill pesky insects, as well as nagging doubts at the bar? Pour a little of the saucy spirit in a spray bottle and squirt on the little buggers, or yourself as a repellent. But please don’t take aim at any beneficial bees!




Soothe Jellyfish Stings 

Jellyfish are fascinating, beautiful sea creatures. But their stingers can pack a powerful, painful punch.

For vegetarians and others who don’t travel with meat tenderizer (or who don’t feel comfortable asking friends to, um, relieve the pain), take heart. Vodka can also disinfect and alleviate some of the bite of a jellyfish sting.




Get Great, Shiny Hair 

Vodka doesn’t just make you think people look prettier. It actually can make people prettier. How?

Try this remedy for healthier, lush hair: Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo.

Tell Billy Madison that vodka is better than both shampoo and conditioner.




Clean Away Mold 

Got mold? The stuff spreads easily and can severely diminish indoor air quality. Unless you are shacking up with the Crypt Keeper, who wants to look at those grimy dark stains that build up on caulking (sometimes even on mold-resistant varieties)?

But instead of harsh chemical sprays, try filling a recycled spray bottle with some bottom-shelf vodka.

Spritz on, then let sit for 15 minutes. Scrub away with an old toothbrush (please don’t use your sister’s).




Make a Soothing Lavender Tincture 

Do you find the scent of lavender soothing? Did you know that herbalists have used it for generations to naturally ease aches and pains? Here’s a fun DIY tip:

Fill a clean glass jar with fresh lavender flowers, then top off with vodka. Seal the lid tightly and place in the sun for three days (same idea as making sun tea!).

Strain the resulting liquid through a coffee filter, and poof! You have a homemade tincture to rub into aches and pains. You can pour into smaller bottles, decorate them, and give them as unique gifts.




Ease a Toothache 

Got a toothache? Your first priority should be to see a dentist. But sometimes you can’t get an appointment right away, or the professionals tell you it will just have to heal on its own.

In that case, try swishing a shot of vodka over the affected area. It can help disinfect, and should numb some of the pain in your gums. Just beware that your honey may accuse you of smelling like a saloon.


vodka uses msn 300x199 Your vodka is patiently awaiting a luge?


Why Not Just Drink It? 

Vodka has been enjoyed since at least the early Middle Ages, and is well known as one of the world’s most popular spirits. Its versatility in mixing and high alcohol content have made it extremely popular in cocktails, and it is still widely enjoyed ‘neat’ (straight up) in much of Eastern and Northern Europe.

Vodka also has a long history of use as medicine, having been sold by druggists to cure everything from infertility to colic and the plague. While some of those historic promoters were half-cocked, it’s true that vodka has a wide range of potential uses beyond serving as a relaxer and social lubricant.

Why would you want to do anything else with vodka but drink it? It is widely available, effective and less toxic than many of the chemical alternatives you might use for these tasks.



Article & Photos from msn




Here are a couple yummy Cosmo recipes… perfect to chill in a luge!


Kurant Cosmopolitan

2.5 oz Absolut Kurant Vodka

Dash of Triple Sec

Splash of cranberry juice

Juice from 1 lime

1 lemon twist for garnish


Lemon Cosmopolitan

2 oz. Absolut Citron Vodka

.5 oz cranberry juice

Splash of Triple Sec

Splash of Sprite

1 lemon twist for garnish


The Cosmopolitan

2 oz. Stoli Vodka

Splash of Triple Sec

Dash of Roses Lime Juice

Splash of cranberry juice

1 lime twist for garnish

3 craisins for garnish


Stir ingredients and poor slowly thru a luge like Ice Man,

Catch in a garnished martini glass at the bottom!  

Martini anyone?



“The Elegant Martini” by Kathleen DeVanna Fish


March 16, 2009

International Lingerie Show

Author: Greg Albright




We are hoping to make it to this show!

Still waiting for products… if they arrive we will be there.


Title: Internation Lingerie Show


Location: Las Vegas
Link out: Click here
Description: B2B Trade Show
Start Date: 2009-04-20
End Date: 2009-04-22